Sunday, January 31, 2010


recliners, originally uploaded by MNicoleM.

First of all - ignore the carpet! Chris didn't vacuum before he left for the airport (and of course, I didn't vacuum either!) so there is dog hair EVERYWHERE ... but anyway...

I had a lovely picture of the sign at Johnny's Pizza, where we had dinner tonight, but I left Rebecca (my camera) in the rental car which is now at the airport. Thankfully Chris noticed her and packed her into his backpack. So now that picture is headed for Florida so I decided to use Pinky (my classroom camera who just happened to be in my purse) to take a picture of our "new" addition to the bedroom for today's shot.

We got grandma's recliners from her living room (we actually picked them up last weekend but ddin't unload them out of my truck until today!) to go in our bedroom. With the treadmill and the two dog crates, it's not as aesthetically pleasing as it could be but sometimes you have to sacrifice aesthetics for functionality, right? Now we need to get a floor lamp to go between them and we're good to go.

How will I survive without my camera until Thursday?!?! Thankfully I have no photo shoots scheduled until Saturday, or else I'd be in big trouble! And I do still have Cammie, who - though not a dSLR is still a pretty nice camera, and Pinky who takes a decent snapshot ... and my phone, of course ... so I guess I'll be OK.

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